Street Dance Classes

Street Dance is graceful, strong and will challenge your body in a variety of ways. City Academy offer classes in both Urban and Commercial Street dance, including practical introductions and building basic moves into full routines.

Our Urban Street Dance styles are based on technique with attitude. You'll be dancing to music like Beyoncé and Chris Brown.

City Academy's Commercial classes are in the style of dancers for artists like Britney Spears, and on programmes such as X Factor. Less relaxed than Urban, Commercial Street is fused with Jazz

Image of Taster - Beginners Street Dance

Taster - Beginners Street Dance

This is the chance for you to try this exciting Street Dance class in a fun and relaxed...

Image of Beginners - Street Dance Classes

Beginners - Street Dance Classes

Straight from the freestyle urban dance that originated outside the studios, commercial...

Image of Improvers - Street Dance Classes

Improvers - Street Dance Classes

Commercial street dance combines the best of Modern Jazz and Street Dance to make an...

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