Tap Dance Classes

Tap is one of the most iconic dance forms, from the back streets of New Orleans to the stars of the silver screen. So if you love the idea of tapping out some rhythms and improving your timing, fitness and flexibilty then sign up to one of our tip top adult tap dance classes.

From Beginners to Intermediate levels, to our Broadway Tap Workshop - if you have always thought that tap looks like a great way to find your dancing feet, then join us here at City Academy.

Image of Taster - Tap Beginners

Taster - Tap Beginners

It’s a high energy dance that thrives off its own rhythms and sounds. Our taster...

Image of Tap Dance Classes - Beginners

Tap Dance Classes - Beginners

Our Tap Dance Beginners course is a step-by-step guide to the essential steps, sounds, and...

Image of Tap Dance Classes - Improvers 1

Tap Dance Classes - Improvers 1

Tap Improvers 1 level is designed to take your basic skills up to the next level, but it's...

Image of Tap Dance Classes - Improvers 2

Tap Dance Classes - Improvers 2

Tap Improvers 2 level is where you develop your improvers skills even further, but without...

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