Filmmaking Classes

City Academy offers a range of classes and courses to guide you through the entire process of Filmmaking; from choosing the right equipment, planning your project to shooting and editing.

Whether you are planning a travel documentary, a training film for business, to record a family event or create a drama working with actors, this range of classes will lead you through the process.

We don’t offer big lectures, studio visits or talk about expensive equipment that you may never use. Each of our classes is small and personal – just six participants. Led by a professional filmmaker, these sessions are geared around affordable equipment using DSLR cameras, consumer and prosumer camcorders.

This is a great opportunity to learn the skill of Filmmaking and to get to grips with the technicalities, in a small group, led by a knowledgeable expert.

Each of our courses is ‘stand alone’, you may book an individual class or a selection to suit your interests.

Image of Let's Talk About Equipment

Let's Talk About Equipment

This session provides you with the opportunity to talk, discuss and ask questions about...

Image of Shoot a Scene

Shoot a Scene

This course will take you through the whole process of shooting a two minute scene with no...

Image of The Language of Film

The Language of Film

Explore how to translate your ideas to the medium of film.

Image of The Other Side

The Other Side

Experience the terminology and protocol of working with an actor.

Image of Working with Actors - Directing

Working with Actors - Directing

With scripts supplied, learn how to direct actors to produce the performance you need.

Image of Short Film Course

Short Film Course

Working with a professional film-maker and actors, you will plan, film and edit a short...

Image of Documentary Course

Documentary Course

Research, write, crew and direct your own investigative short documentary...

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