Voice & Accent Classes

City Academy Voice and Accent Training

Our Voice and Accent department offers a comprehensive technical vocal training.

If you are serious about acting, get serious about your voice - a vital tool for the actor and performer.
Our range of classes includes Voice for Actors, Accent Training, Voice-Over Skills and Voice Gym.

The Voice Training for Business course has been designed for business professionals who require vocal confidence skills. If you are keen to have more command, power and presence when you speak, this is the course for you.

And for Non-Native speakers we have the Non-Native Actors and Non-Native Business Professional courses - to soften an accent and learn neutral English.

Image from Articulation Boot Camp

See our comprehensive offerings for Voice and Accent classes for Actors and Performers..

Image from Voice Training for Business

Train your voice to confidentally speak in public...

Image from Accent Softening - Level 1

Soften your accent with our non-native voice classes..

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