Drawing on our performing arts expertise and on our understanding of business needs, we believe that we have a model that combines the best of both:

Emphasis on the performing and creative arts: 

We deliver training in technical business skills, to address sensitive workplace issues through the use of performing arts disciplines and drama, and to create team-building days and corporate events that are both engaging and challenging. Read more

Emphasis on business needs:

We encourage co-design of training with clients to ensure creatively tailored packages because we believe that bespoke inputs lead to optimal outcomes.  All of our facilitators have a sound understanding of business needs and corporate culture, and we carefully allocate them to programmes based on their background and experience.  Read more

We know that no two organisations, teams or individuals are the same, and pride ourselves on working in consultation with our clients to create programmes that meet their specific needs. We have designed a menu of products that you can choose from – not just in terms of the subject matter you want to focus on, but in terms of how, when and where the training is delivered.

          - Learn & Develop
          - Experience & Engage