Art & Drawing School Course Content :

During the course you will:

  • Learn or refresh the basics of drawing in pencil and charcoal
  • Explore the use of colour with still life pastel and watercolour work
  • Produce a sketchbook of people, markets, buildings and food through outdoor observation
  • Improve your observation skills with portrait and life drawing
  • Gain confidence in your artistic skills and master various medium
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    Level For All Levels
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Art & Drawing School Course Schedule:

Day One

On our first day we will go back to basics focusing on pencil, charcoal and graphite drawing. Whether you are learning for the first time or refreshing your skills, this will be a fun and explorative start to the course. 

Day Two

This day will be split into two. We start off  with a creative and imaginative drawing session, using colours. Later in the day we will head out to either the National Portrait Gallery or the National Gallery.

Day Three

On our third day it's time to venture out into the vibrant streets of London (weather permitting). You will learn to observe and draw what's around you, drawing people, food and buildings. Throughout the day you will be creating a travel journal and personal storyboard of the area. The day will finish with a visit to Cornellisen's art shop, with a wide and high-quality selection of art supplies.

Day Four

Continuing to build on the power of observation, day four will start with a self-portrait exercise. In the afternoon there will be a life drawing session. 

Day Five

For the last day you will bring together all the skills you have developed throughout the week and create a drawing, painting or collage.  To celebrate the art you have created throughout the week, there will be an exhibition in the evening for family and friends, with your work on display. 


The week will culminate in a private exhibition of your and your fellow student's work. Family and friends will be invited to visit and celebrate your art. 


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Art & Drawing School - 5 Days tutors

All City Academy tutors are experienced professionals from theatre, film/TV and performance industries. So whilst they're training you they may also be rehearsing for a West End show or working on a movie. We like that and we do believe it makes a difference in class.

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