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Building Your Network

The concept of ‘networking events’ is becoming increasingly popular in today’s business environment.  However daunting a room full of strangers may seem, the art of networking can help to expand business contacts, boost career prospects, and get you seen (and heard) by the right people. 

This module teaches participants how to make an entrance, work the room with confidence and be remembered – and, most importantly, to enjoy the process.

This module works well with the Listening and Responding Module, which focuses on the art of active listening, an essential component to Building your Network.  It also compliments the Storytelling module, which enables participants to master the art of telling engaging anecdotes and develop a flair for spontaneity.

Please contact us to discuss the needs of your group in more detail.

Building your Network Skills Development:

Exact course content may differ depending on your needs, but topics covered will generally include:

  • Preparation: Get ready for the event and master your elevator pitch
  • Initial Impact: Make a positive and memorable first-impression. Enter the room with confidence
  • Confidence Counts: Develop the self-assurance to promote yourself and your company
  • Working the Room: Learn how to communicate with senior people/people with influence
  • Networking Etiquette: Understand the etiquette around how long to stay, how to introduce people, how to follow-through, how to keep in touch
  • The Networking Conversation: Develop your active listening skills and ability to ask good questions

As with all our Business Training courses, handouts, writing materials and refreshments will be provided.  To discuss your specific needs further, please contact us