Emphasis on Business Needs

While we believe in the transformative nature of the performing arts, we also know that this needs to be rooted in the business context – and, specifically, in your business context.  Our events management team and facilitators all have a sound knowledge of the corporate world and have worked with a wide range of organisations and sectors. 

In addition, we work to ensure an up-to-date understanding of key business issues, which we believe our programme themes work to address:

  • Improving communication: Behind this single word lies an array of diverse skills that are indispensable in today’s world – both for businesses and for individuals.  Interpersonal relationships, negotiation, how to manage remote communication, conflict resolution, presentation and public speaking, the importance of body-language and personal impact, the ability to listen and respond…the list goes on.  These are all skills that are becoming increasingly important to the workplace, and all skills that our courses focus on.
  • Restructuring teams: Effective communication and team-building initiatives can make the difference between success and failure when it comes to restructuring and merging teams - an increasingly pertinent issue for corporate teams.
  • Effectively manage talent: Managing a talent pipeline means not only recruiting the right people but retaining them too. Making employees feel valued means managing their emotional well-being and rewarding and incentivising their business contributions.  Financial compensation is no longer enough – further initiatives such as flexi-time, remote working, personalised training and social events are what counts. Our communication training and engaging team-building experiences and away-days will help your company to create this competitive edge.
  • Building effective teams: Building a strong, effective and happy team is essential to the success of any organisation. Our ‘Experience and Engage’ packages focus on providing inspiring, unifying and fun experiences for a wide range of teams, while the more structured ‘Learn and Develop’ modules teach a variety of communication skills within a group setting.
  • Managing limited resources: Businesses are facing increasing pressure to reduce human capital, time and financial resources while maintaining the quality of products and services.  Managing this demand for process improvement and increased efficiency hinges on abilities such as risk-management, negotiation and conflict resolution – skills which our courses seek to impart.
  • Quickly up-skilling graduates and new hires: Getting graduates and entry-levels up to speed with business skills and corporate culture can be challenging and costly – and a recent report by McKinsey says only 43% of employers think they can find enough skilled entry-level workers. Our courses deliver bespoke training for new-hires, to ensure that they leave with a suite of essential business skills that are relevant to your company’s needs.
  • The importance of leadership and emotional intelligence: Leaders most likely to succeed during times of uncertainty are those with strong interpersonal skills, empathy, and those who are able to inspire others.  Our communication module – particularly those on Presence and Impact, Public Speaking and Influencing - can be a key part of the solution.
  • Managing across border: In our increasingly globalised world, the ability to manage across international borders and have an understanding of different cultures and their respective nuances cannot be underestimated. Our Communication modules - particularly those on Listening and Responding, Influencing, and Medium and Message - can all help to develop this essential skill.

Of course, we know that no two organisations are the same, so we work in close collaboration with you to ensure that your needs are met and the learning and development programme delivers impactful results. Pre-designed and ‘off-the-peg’ solutions are also available if you’d prefer.  All of our facilitators have a sound understanding of business needs and corporate culture, and we carefully allocate them to courses based on their background and experience – some specialise in training for education and public sector bodies, others concentrate on private sector clients.