Collective Portrait Drawing

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This practical workshop introduces you and your team to the basic techniques of drawing the human face, facilitating an opportunity for individual creativity and team bonding. While it’s a fun challenge to try and form a true likeness of each other, on a very basic level, there’s also something calming about concentrating on and drawing the human face.

As you put pencil, charcoal, pastels or graphite to paper, you will learn to draw exactly what you see, rather than what you think you see. Line after line will bring you closer to achieving an accurate representation of the person in front of you, and you may feel yourself getting lost in the act. This activity is suitable for all abilities, and anyone looking to experience the power of art. 

Workshop Content

In this session, you will:

  • Begin with a few short drawing exercises and demos, practising a new creative skill as a group
  • Your team will then split into pairs and you will draw each other, working on everything from mark making to drawing
  • Look at proportion, shading, expression and capturing characteristics, closely studying muscle mass and facial anatomy
  • Pick up tips and rules from working artists, focusing on how to achieve a sense of three-dimensionality and reality
  • You will cover foreshortening and receive plenty of advice on how to draw your true perspective
  • Socialise throughout the day and come together around a shared challenge
  • Immerse yourself, refresh your mind and emerge with a completed portrait to hand

Portrait Drawing has a great way of getting individuals to stop and pay attention to each other in a manner that is not often possible in the world of work, while simultaneously allowing you to feel carefree and relaxed. You will receive friendly feedback as the session goes on, progressing quickly and gaining the confidence to become more playful with the materials at hand.

Business Benefits

  • Develop your own style and become creatively fluent
  • See your team through a fresh, creative lens
  • Appropriately inject a sense of playfulness into formal situations, and know when to recharge
  • Be able to elaborate on the spot with a new and enhanced sense of cognitive flexibility

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Book a FREE consultation or request a callback