Creative Thinking Skills

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Unleash a stream of fresh and original ideas by stimulating new ways of thinking with our Creative Thinking Skills workshop. The workshop is highly interactive combining theory, exercises from the world of Theatre and Psychology and opportunities to practice generating break-through, “light bulb” moments.

This session is fun, energetic and will cover important theories and techniques that inspire creative thinking: Divergent Thinking to generate original ideas spontaneously, mind mapping for effective brainstorming and reframing to develop creative possibilities by changing perception.

Together with theory and a series of exercises, you’ll have the opportunity to take the tools you learn and practice applying them to real-life scenarios suitable for business.

By applying the skills learned in this workshop, Creative Thinking will become second nature.

Workshop content:

  • Access spontaneity and instinct through theatre and psychology
  • Practice instigating and exploring ideas using different types of thinking
  • Offer and accept ideas in group brainstorming sessions
  • Develop ideas by changing perception
  • Pitch your ideas to a group and listen and respond to feedback

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