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Perfect for marketing and branding teams, Word for Word brings your team together to create an original written story from scratch while boosting creativity and communication.

Working with a professional writer your team will create characters, exposition and dialogue using narrative elements including pace, tone of voice, subtext, style and structure for a professional finish. Newfound skills can then be adapted and used in real-life workplace scenarios, such as to better understand your customers when creating marketing campaigns for the best results.

Creating a shared narrative is a powerful means of getting to know one another and understanding different points of view, whilst revealing ideas and a common sense of humour within a creative framework.

Throughout this team building activity, team collaboration, including both listening and having creative input, is essential. Skills are enhanced in a fun, informal fashion that will help bring your team together. A professional writer will work step-by-step to ensure each individual is able to contribute and the team works collaboratively to the meet the objectives of this entertaining challenge. You can choose from a variety of genres including writing poetry, scripts, short story and even sitcoms.

During this Creative Writing Team Building activity, your team will:

  • Develop relationships on a more personal level
  • Learn to work to deadlines and within a brief
  • Explore different writing techniques
  • Learn to understand characters and audience
  • Boost communication by listening and responding
  • Develop creative thinking and brainstorming skills

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We deliver workshops in-house at client offices and at theatrical venues across London including:

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