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The value of having individuals working together creatively lies in the fact that each individual brings their own unique set of life experiences, preferences, humour and insight to the topic at hand. This means that in a group setting where individuals are encouraged to contribute with their whole selves, the confluence of ideas and experiences can result in game-changing creative ideas.

One of the big inhibitors to getting teams to channel their creativity is the evidence that we fear the judgment of our peers, and that we’re embarrassed about showing our ideas to others. This fear is one of the reasons to be conservative in our thinking and reluctant to share it with others.

This workshop is all about creative collaboration. Your team will engage in a range of practical exercises and games and designed to stimulate more creative and open ways of working together.

Workshop Content

During our Creativity Training For Teams Workshop, you will cover:

  • Exercises that help build trust, suspend judgement, and explore the shared experience of creating something together.
  • Role-play which encourages trial experiences which that emulate real-life situations
  • Theatre games designed to encourage participants to lose their inhibitions and bond as a group

Business Benefits

  • Develop techniques and practices that help teams to feel at ease and unafraid to make mistakes
  • Find new ways of working collaboratively to channel your team’s collective imagination
  • Boost productivity and realise new opportunities

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Book a free consultation

Book a FREE consultation or request a callback