Creativity Through Craft

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City Academy believes getting messy and being playful shouldn’t just be synonymous with childhood. As adults living in a technology driven world - tending to, designing and shaping things with your hands is the perfect antidote.

In this fun introduction to craft, you will learn the art of collage-making, fuelling your imagination, creativity, and problem-solving abilities in an encouraging space. You will use shapes, colours, and textures to piece together your very own work of art, becoming absorbed in the abstract nature of collages.

Workshop Content

In this session:

  • Build a story and a surface of art using different materials
  • Create your own look and unify it with drawing, painting, smudging, stamping and more
  • Break from routine - play, explore and have fun while a working artist guides you
  • Use repetition and practical endeavor to let the mind run free and come to new conclusions
  • Socialise throughout the day and come together around a shared challenge
  • Immerse yourself in a new activity and emerge refreshed

Suitable for complete beginners to craft skills, this group workshop will have you working with found materials such as a magazines, menus, tissue paper, wrappers and labels, as you bond with colleagues and give your mind permission to flow in new ways.

Business Benefits

  • Give your mind respite and work with a fresh perspective
  • Enhance your psychological wellbeing and levels of happiness through being tactile
  • Tap into a historical and very human need to create and repair things - feel vital and effective

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