Draw And Explore Workshop

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Tap into your inner artist with our Draw and Explore Workshop, and set aside the day-to-day in favour of pencils, charcoal and pastel. You will channel the creative in you and enjoy the buzz of making something from scratch, as you learn to express your unique way of seeing things on paper.

Through the very process of figuring out how to draw still-life objects and self-portraits, this immersive group experience provides your mind with the space to think differently and gain fresh perspectives that can be applied to business.

Workshop Content

Under the guidance of an experienced coach, you will:

  • Begin with warm-up exercises, getting started with some quick-fire sketches
  • Work with still-life set pieces - you can bring your own objects if you wish or develop your own work instead
  • Develop different techniques with different materials
  • Learn to visualise the basics of perspective and proportions
  • Explore the different qualities of pencil, charcoal and pastels
  • Receive guidance and feedback throughout

Whether you’re totally new to sketching or have some experience, this is a fun workshop where you can build confidence in your art skills and a body of work, while experimenting with the way you approach challenges.

Business Benefits

  • Experience the heightened awareness of zoning in
  • Recharge, get messy and let go
  • Learn to communicate with creativity and imagination
  • Leave with practical tips on how to channel emotions
  • Transfer the cognitive pathways of creative thinking into problem solving

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Book a free consultation

Book a FREE consultation or request a callback