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Team Sketch

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In Team Sktch, individuals will share the experience of creating original artworks under the guidance of a professional artist. This practical team building activity is suitable for all levels of experience, indeed most of our clients are complete beginners.

Drawing is an excellent creative stimulant that encourages freedom of expression, boosts personal initiative and decision-making skills, and allows your team members to explore their ideas.

During our Team Sketch training, as a collective, your team will learn basic drawing techniques in charcoal, pastel, pen and pencil before creating an individual artwork under the guidance of our professional artist. The workshop aims to help your team better understand each other's creativity which, afterwards, can then be further developed and applied in the workplace.

By understanding your team's strengths, you can increase productivity and simplify team management.

By the end of the day, each member of your team will have created an artwork they can be proud of while receiving feedback and commenting on each other's work to instil team confidence and trust.

Team Sketch can be held at your office or one of our venues throughout London. For this team building game , we will provide the venue, tutor, and all the materials. You just need to bring your team.

In this Team Sketch workshop, your team will:

  • Release both personal and collective stress through creative output
  • Learn a new creative skill, including a variety of drawing techniques
  • Work independently while making decisions and taking initiative
  • Learn from one another and understand different creative approaches
  • Work towards a defined goal and share a sense of accomplishment

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We deliver workshops in-house at client offices and at venues across London including:

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Book a FREE consultation or request a callback