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“Leading by example is not the main thing in influencing others. It is the only thing.”
Albert Schweitzer

Influencing is an important business skill and is required in the majority of business situations.

As well as understanding how to make personal connections while negotiating, it is important to be able to use essential persuasion techniques, including how the tone of your voice can influence and how body language can instill confidence. It is not just about how you communicate vocally, but also how you hold yourself physically and interpret differing opinions.

During our highly practical Influencing Skills Training course, your team will work together to develop strategies that embody each members' strengths, focusing on their individual influencing skills as well as collective persuasion

All with the guidance of one of our influencing experts – who will lead discussions and provide feedback during the workshop

Influencing Skills - Your team will learn to

• Use effective persuasion techniques properly
• Master the tone of your voice
• Understand the importance of body language
• Learn how to listen and respond effectively

So that they can

• Build rapport and relationships during influencing
• Expand their sphere of influence
Communicate fully no matter what situation
• Influence as individuals and as a team

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Interested in taking this course as an individual rather than a team?

We also run public courses in Influencing Skills at central studios across London. These practical group sessions are led by professional voice tutors with a wealth of expertise.

This course will also provide you with individual tips, techniques and exercises on how to speak in front of a larger audience with confidence and personality.

More information including a timetable with available dates and pricing can be found here:


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We deliver workshops in-house at client offices and at theatrical and unique venues across London including:


Our tutors are actors and voice professionals with expertise in leading dynamic and practical sessions for business.

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