Introduction To Creative Thinking

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Everyone has the ability to be creative. In order to develop your creative ability, it helps to understand how our minds work. It is important to learn to let go of the logical/analytical side of our brains and foster innovative thought processes.

Using exercises from the world of Theatre and Psychology, this workshop will build confidence in your creative flair, explore the ability to look at things from many points of view and develop the ability to use your imagination more widely.

During this workshop you will unblock channels of inspiration with group activities that encourage a state of calm, comfort and contemplation. From verbal games to physical activities, your group will tap into the potential of playfulness and work on building self-confidence, as you learn to trust your unique brand of creative flair. 

By learning to use and heighten your observational skills, shift perspectives and take creative risks, you will begin to get into the habit of being inventive and developing ideas that can be applied to both work and everyday life. 

Workshop content: 

  • Use creative thinking skills to increase your capacity for innovation and generate new ideas
  • Switch off analytical thinking and give spontaneity free reign
  • Take creative risks and develop varying perspectives for an idea
  • Be confident of your creative skills and your unique brand


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