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Lunch & Learn

These short workshops, ideal over a lunchtime session at your office, will offer quick-fire communication techniques on topics to suit you. We provide the tools to embed these practical techniques immediately.

Contact us to discuss your particular requirements and we can suggest a session for you. Alternatively choose one or a selection of topics below and let us know a date and time that works for you.

10 Ideas for a Lunch & Learn session

1. How to Get Heard in Meetings – Learn to convey confidence and make an impact.
2. Voice Clinic – How to improve articulation and resonance to speak with clarity.
3. Mime Workshop – A fun workshop to highlight the power of physical expression.
4. Virtual Communications – A look at vocal techniques to communicate effectively on conference calls.
5. Managing Nerves – Physical and psychological techniques to deal with nerves.
6. Networking Tips – Top tips for navigating the social landscape of a networking situation.
7. Creative Thinking – Learn to think creatively as a group. Listen to ideas and work together to find a creative solution.
8. Improvisation – A fast-paced, energetic workshop to develop problem-solving skills.
9. Influence and Negotiation – Top tips to influence other and build rapport.
10. Movement Psychology – A physical workshop with tips on body language and other non-verbal interpersonal skills.


  • Short practical workshops to equip teams with valuable communication skills
  • Vocal and Physical techniques participants can implement immediately
  • Fun, energetic sessions that builds relationship bonds teams
  • Tailored to suit your company and team
  • A step-change to the regular work-day that boosts morale and engenders creative-thinking
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Book a FREE consultation or request a callback