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For many people, Public Speaking is a real fear.

We design and deliver tailored Public Speaking Course using communication techniques developed by actors so that your team members will overcome nerves and habits to become confident, memorable speakers.

In this practical and enjoyable Public Speaking Course your team will work alongside an experienced actor and business coach. They will learn the art of preparing and delivering a speech, understanding how to structure engaging content as well as warming up the voice and body to support the delivery of their message. Your team will build greater confidence to speak with personality and clarity.


The key to good communication is not only what you say, but how you say it.

This Public Speaking course is tailored to suit each group and will equip your team with the skills they need to speak with vocal confidence, build rapport with audiences and leave lasting impressions. The team will leave the workshop feeling prepared, able to manage nerves and ready to stand and deliver speeches with impact.

City Academy has delivered Public Speaking courses for a wide range of teams from Microsoft, Expedia, Virgin, Vodafone, Pearson, British Heart Foundation and more.


This training is ideal for teams that need to present to audiences of more than 20 people. For learning to address audiences of fewer than 20 people, we recommend Presentation Skills.


We tailor courses to suit our clients so would welcome the opportunity to learn more about your requirements. Content for a Public Speaking course typically includes:


  • Powerful presentation: how to use narrative techniques, stories/anecdotes and rhetorical devices
  • What makes a good speech? the benefits of key messages, building a clear structure and speaking with precision
  • Command your content: build a strong narrative structure with captivating openings and endings to engage your audience
  • Know your audience: tailor a message and build rapport

Body Language:

  • Communicate without words: use body language and nonverbal communication to your advantage
  • Individual Style: develop a persona and help yourself communicate authentically, conveying warmth and confidence
  • Perfect posture: positioning, gestures, how to be physically prepared and release tension in the body, be present and make an impact

Vocal Control:

  • Preparing to speak: the benefits of breathing exercises, vocal health, self-control and relaxation
  • Finding your voice: explore delivery, pitch, expression and tone
  • Essential techniques: practice projection, range, articulation and intonation to speak with clarity and confidence


  • Managing nerves: master the art of improvisation with techniques and practical exercises to calm nerves
  • Practice makes perfect: work individually to try out new skills and hone technique
  • Expert video playback: analyse progress through recorded delivery
  • Constructive feedback: receive expert advice and personalised tips for improving performance


Interested in taking this course as an individual rather than a team?

We also run public courses in Public Speaking at central studios across London. These practical group sessions are led by professional voice tutors with a wealth of vocal training.

This course will also provide you with individual tips, techniques and exercises on how to speak in front of a larger audience with confidence and personality.

More information including a timetable with available dates and pricing can be found here:


We deliver tailored workshops in-house at client offices and at theatrical and unique venues across London including:


Our tutors are actors and voice professionals with expertise in leading dynamic and practical sessions for business.

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