Returning to Work

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A course designed for women returning to the work after maternity leave

Returning to work after having a child can be a daunting prospect. Office politics, changes in hierarchy and status not to mention the fact that you simply may be out of practice communicating in a professional environment. This course, specifically designed for women, addresses these concerns by providing straight-forward, practical and effective tools you can start to use immediately. 

When you've been away, arriving back in the office can ruffle a few feathers; those that have been managing your work and responsibilities may feel displaced, and your skills will need to be brushed up. That's where Returning to Work comes in. You will work with a Corporate Communication Specialist with years of experience getting parents back into the “office” routine. 

Our Returning to Work course will dust off and enhance your professional communication skills, while refreshing your confidence so you can dive back into work without conflict or apprehension. 

Throughout the Returning to Work course, you will practice your professional skills with other parents and get used to being in workplace situations once again, including communicating ideas and your opinion, and participating and leading meetings without conflict. By the end of the workshop, you will know how to mould back into your professional role with ease, considering the work of others which will, in turn, allow for a seamless and friendly transition of workload and responsibility. 

Workshop content:

  • Use narrative technique to tell your story with confidence
  • Enhance your professional communication skills
  • Explore ‘status’ and power play
  • Gender linguistics: practical exercises to communicate with clarity
  • Put forward ideas and opinions while building rapport
  • Take back your role with understanding
  • Manage emotions such as worry and stress
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