Speed Drawing Workshop

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In this back to basics art workshop, you will work quickly and intuitively, drawing from still life using pencil, ink, charcoal and pastels. Through a series of spontaneous sketching exercises, you will learn to draw without thinking too much about it - overcoming any fears of making that first mark on a blank sheet of paper.

This is a fun introduction to drawing that can open up new ways of seeing things, as you practise being quick off the mark and carefree. You will explore creative techniques, discover your innate style, and express your raw self as you progress through each new challenge with speed.

Workshop Content

Under the guidance of an experienced coach, you will:

  • Begin work on keeping your own sketchbook with some quick-fire art challenges
  • Work in pencil, graphite and charcoal, experiencing how each make a different mark
  • Draw still-life set pieces in the studio
  • Develop art techniques around proportion, light and shade
  • Learn to visualise what you see, not what you think you see
  • Take steps towards working with colour, starting off with pastels
  • Receive guidance and feedback throughout

Speed Drawing is designed for those with little or no experience, or those who are returning to drawing and would like to refresh technique. As the day progresses you will complete several exercises, eventually culminating in colour drawing. The unique and fast moving format produces exciting and measurable results.

Business Benefits

  • Perfect thinking on your feet
  • Recharge, get scribbling and let go of limitations
  • Learn to communicate with creativity and imagination
  • Adopt creative ways of thinking and externalise the unconscious

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Book a FREE consultation or request a callback