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Your voice is the vehicle for your ideas. Supporting your message through confident speech and engaging vocal performance is a vital component of effective communication , both in business and in other social situations.

Just like any other set of muscles in the body, your voice muscles can be trained to improve performance and confidence. Our Voice Training for Business Teams workshops are based in the tried-and-tested methods that actors use to prepare their voices for stage and screen. You will learn to apply practical voice exercises to a range of relevant business contexts, how to use your voice more effectively to support your message.

Business Benefits

  • Speak with confidence and clarity
  • Overcome learned physical and vocal bad habits
  • Develop your personal vocal style
  • Find a neutral posture for vocal delivery
  • Improve the impact of your speech through greater variation and confidence

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Voice Training for Business Teams - Workshop Content

  • Work with a fully qualified voice coach to understand vocal anatomy, how to strengthen your voice muscles, and maintain good vocal health
  • Learn a number of practical vocal warm-up exercises that can be applied easily before speaking
  • Learn simple and effective physical exercises and breathing techniques, that can be practised regularly for continued vocal development
  • Practise techniques in a recorded rehearsal, with analysis and diagnostics
  • Receive tailored feedback and strategies from your tutor, to help you achieve your own long-term vocal development goals

The end result of this course is that your team will develop new found confidence in their voice and be equipped with practical techniques to communicate more effectively.


Interested in taking this course as an individual rather than a team?

We also run public courses in Voice Training at central London studios across London. These practical group sessions are led by professional voice tutors with a wealth of expertise.

This course will also provide you with individual tips, techniques and exercises on how to speak in front of a larger audience with confidence and personality.

More information including a timetable with available dates and pricing can be found here:

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