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At City Academy, we offer both one-off and longer-term team experiences such as our popular Workplace Choir.

Led by a professional Musical Director, your team will come together on a weekly or monthly basis to form a choir. Enjoy connecting on a new level and hone your relationships through the creative outlet of Singing. A workplace choir allows your team to develop new skills as a collective and support each other's development, boosting trust and well-being.

During the two-hour choir singing lessons, you will be led by an experienced choir leader to create harmonious music in a relaxed and enjoyable setting. In your first lesson the group will be assigned a song, however, in future lessons, you will be able to choose from a catalogue of popular and classic songs.

To further improve confidence, you also can work towards a public showcase in central London.

Workplace Choir is suitable for both beginners and experienced singers, and everyone in-between. Lessons will be scheduled at a time that suits you and can take place at your office or one of our partner venues across central London. The ideal group size for a choir is between 20-60 people.

Why start a workplace choir?

  • Learn a new creative skill as a team
  • Release stress and tension through singing
  • Build better relationships with your team
  • Build up to performances over time
  • Receive collective support

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Book a FREE consultation or request a callback