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Have you ever wondered what makes you crack up while watching a sitcom?Then look no further.

Our Sitcom Writing team building is a fun and practical workshop designed for groups that love puns, pies, sarcasm and saucy satire.

Under the guidance of our professional screenwriter-come-sitcom-enthusiast, your team will develop memorable sitcom characters for their own teasing tale, as well as learning formal writing technique, including how to plot and structure a successful story. Your team will explore some of the finest sitcoms to hit our screens before delving into their own; we'll help them bring the laughter and expertise needed to create a great sitcom!

They'll soon understand how to create detailed characters, dialogue and situation that makes for bountiful belly laughs.

Our Sitcom Writing training has been described as "less like a writing course and more like a comedy event", and we wouldn't disagree. If your team has a favourite sitcom in mind, let us know when you book so we can tailor this workshop to your team.

Sitcom Writing content:

  • What makes a successful sitcom
  • How to create engaging characters
  • Narrative structure for comedy
  • Traditional writing technique
  • How to play to a target and entertain a particular audience
  • Live read-through of final product

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We deliver workshops in-house at client offices and at theatrical venues across London including:

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Book a FREE consultation or request a callback