City Academy works with key individuals at Fidelity on a private tuition basis. Our expertise here lies in understanding both management and the individual's perceptions of the current situation. We get to the bottom of key questions such as: How is the individual perceived internally and externally? How does that individual tend to communicate? What are the outcomes of their particular communication style? What are the key areas that are clouding communication or perhaps even inhibiting progress within the company? We lead initial assessment meetings to ascertain these and other key areas and then propose a solution for development.

In addition to looking at vocal and physical communication we focus on elements such as economy of speech and use of narrative in general communication and for presentations.

Our work at Fidelity has seen us work with a number individuals from various departments, from middle to senior management.

“Cat deftly distills the art and science of communication into a clear, tangible and enjoyable learning construct, which first identifies and then progressively builds upon the needs of each client in order to achieve their individual goals with outstanding results.

"Thank you again for all your help. I am genuinely seeing better engagement from my audiences as a result.”

Senior Analyst, Fidelity Investments

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