Fitness First

Fitness First were looking to equip a senior team with enhanced communication skills. With a strong focus on tailored customer service, ultimate aims included increasing customer retention and engagement with guests. 

As such, the company appointed a team of 16 individuals to bring about a cultural shift and motivate staff. A key objective was to ensure these individuals were confident in engaging customers on a personal level. Individuals should be able to read signals, adapt to different personalities, influence others and create real connection with guests. The company approached City Academy to design and deliver a bespoke communication skills day in a theatrical venue. 

To help the team find inspiring connections with guests and colleagues we proposed delivering a practical Storytelling workshop to provide the tools to use narrative to create a memorable impact. To help the team convey their personalities and ideas positively we recommended a course focused on Presence and Impact.

City Academy divided the group of 16 into 2 to enhance the practical nature of the training. Two of our senior tutors delivered the full day programme at Sadler’s Wells.

Feedback from the final session of the day:

- “I didn’t know what to expect from today but personally I think that was mind-blowing.”
- “Really powerful and very helpful.”
- “We talk internally about transferrable skills and we can employ a lot of techniques here to deliver excellent service.”
- “Really highlights why we need to develop stories, I didn’t realise how important it was.”
- “Amazing tools and techniques, we are all really excited and passionate about them already and we can see the difference.
- “I enjoyed the open, honest feedback throughout. 99% of the techniques we learnt are so relevant for what we do.”
- “Breaks things down into manageable chunks to really help shape the way you communicate.”

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