City Academy delivered an outstanding Improvisation workshop that helped our management team understand the importance of being present, saying 'yes', and being aware of everyone around them. In turn, our team is working more effectively together both internally and with our customers and partners.

Absolutely outstanding event that was well worth the investment of time and money.
Dennis Jones, Managing Director, JudoPay

business case studies: judopayJudoPay are a fast-growing technology company in the mobile payments space.

A number of new employees had recently joined the company and the senior management were looking for a bonding activity that went beyond the ordinary and met certain objectives. Those objectives were to provide the team with practical skills to hone their communication as a group. It was also very important to tailor skills and learning to individuals to ensure the skills can be transferred into the workplace effectively. 

City Academy designed a stimulating acting improvisation workshop in a rehearsal studio. The change of scenery to a new, neutral space was important, as participants were encouraged to step outside their usual frame of reference and discover new modes of communicating effectively. The workshop took the form of a physical, upbeat and enjoyable series of inter-linked exercises all formulated around the concept of 'accept and build' where participants were required to receive information and respond in a way which stimulated further ideas.

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