I thoroughly enjoyed the training session. I would give the day 10 out of 10. The training was engaging, fun and informative. The tutor was very knowledgeable and seems like a true expert in his craft. I now feel more confident about filming and editing and I am sure that the work we produce will be of a higher quality.
KPMG, E-Learning Team

Filmmaking Skills Course

business case studies: kpmgKPMG's e-learning team are increasingly required to produce video content. These videos take various forms including interviews, scenario role-plays and demonstrations.

The team were looking to develop technical skills a number of elements including sound, lighting and camera shots, how to direct actors and non-actors. Creatively, the team were interested to understand how to structure videos using narrative technique, specifically looking at storyboarding and tone, and ultimately make content interesting. 

City Academy designed and delivered a one-day Filmmaking Skills course that met the technical and creative objectives and equipped KPMG staff with the skills to make the most of their productions.

Our professional Filmmaker and business coach worked with 12 participants of varying levels of filmmaking experience to deliver an interactive, hands-on workshop on-site at KPMG's offices in Canary Wharf.

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