Salesforce's Senior Project Managers from EMEA were looking for a unique team building experience in London. The activity had two objectives: to communicate the diverse skill set and characters in the EMEA team to the wider organisation and to enjoy a shared creative experience as a team.

City Academy proposed a number of solutions including our bespoke team Film in a Day offering, on this occasion with the idea of making a super hero film trailer. This allowed individuals with different strengths to come together to solve a problem. Taking inspiration from comic books and action films such as The Avengers and Captain America, the EMEA team was very proactive leading up to the activity and each of the 9 participants came up with character names, original super powers and brilliant costumes.

We provided all the ingredients to help the team make their film: a professional film-maker, actors, film equipment, venue locations and filming rights.

On the day the team had to work together to manage a project in a creative medium that was completely new to them. For a few hours, senior members of the team became sound-technicians and others took on the roles of director, locations manager, continuity manager and even actor.

Working against the clock the team planned their day, wrote the story, planned and executed each scene, directed actors and learnt the technicalities of working behind and in-front of camera.

We wrapped up the day writing film credits, reviews and editing notes for the film and celebrating success through an informal prize giving. City Academy's production team edited the film in-house and sent out the finished product for the team to enjoy in under 2 weeks.


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