Improve Your English

This course is primarily aimed at those who do not have English as a first language and want to learn how to approach a Standard English accent.

The classes will use acting techniques and exercises to help students lose their inhibitions and practice voice work in an environment that is active and fun.

There will be articulation drills that engage the imagination, increase confidence and make practicing free and easy.  

Texts used to practice a Standard English accent will range from contemporary novels and poems to commercial and business scripts, as well as some classical texts.

The classes will be led by a LAMDA classically trained actress whose work includes performances at The Royal Shakespeare Company, The National Theatre and Globe Theatre.

The class will have a maximum of 15 students

Language Development

Participants will learn and develop on the following:

- How the breath is used

- Where the resonance is placed

- The tunes, rhythms, tempo and intonation of a Standard English accent

- The placement of the tongue, lips and jaw.

- Articulation, and how to make Standard English vowel and consonant sounds

Something to Think About

Participants will be given the option to learn phonetics to assist their learning and at the end of the course may choose between a mock interview, presentation or speech delivery to try out their Standard English Accent.

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