Photography Themed Tours

London is a city full of historical, cultural and modern visitor attractions, making it an ever-popular destination for groups of students of all ages. Whether your focus is history, art, architectural design, music or literature, the British capital has endless possibilities.

Our Photography Tours will show you the best that London has to offer in your area of interest. And to make every tour special, our experienced photography tutors will always be at hand to share their secrets and let you capture amazing shots (no experience is necessary, you just need a camera!).

Take our Architectural Tour to see and photograph iconic landmarks such as the Tower Bridge, the House of Parliament and the London Eye. Walk along the South Bank or visit one of the many famous London markets with our Alternative London Tour.

If you’re into music, London will surprise you with an amazing display of popular music spots. Many influential artists (The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and David Bowie to name but a few) have lived in London and our Rock & Roll Tour will get you on their footsteps.

Also London has been a backdrop for many great movies such as Harry Potter, 007 and Bridget Jones’ Diary. If you’re passionate about cinema you will not want to miss our London Famous Movies Tours!

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(Please note that all the Themes from our Photography Tours can also be adapted as Filmmaking Weekends).