Foundation Course Content

The timetable for each Saturday from 10:00am - 6:00pm, offers a busy, active and engaging day of core classes in the following:

  • Acting – Create characters, engage with scene study and gain insight into established methods
  • Voice – Work with a professional voice coach to build confidence, range and clarity
  • Physical Theatre – Increase awareness of movement and gain insight into the use of body language
  • Acting Through Song – Extend projection, presence on stage, range, and volume

Benefit from workshops introducing you to Screen and Improvisation:

  • Screen Acting – Learn key screen techniques while being filmed with instant playback and analysis
  • Improvisation – Develop the art of spontaneous response, freedom and acceptance working from impulse and off script
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    When Saturdays
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    Where Clerkenwell
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    Training Acting, Voice, Physical Theatre, Acting Through Song
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Course Structure & Modules

The course is separated into three modules. Each module is a fully formed course covering key elements of acting around a selected theme or genre. The different modules will explore varied approaches to creating character, exploring text, and developing voice and presence through rehearsal and performance.

The three modules taken together make up the full Foundation in Acting Course. However, each module is a stimulating and self-contained programme in its own right, and so can be taken in any order, or individually as a one-off block of classes.

Find out more about the material covered in each module below:

Winter Module Content >>
Spring Module Content >>

Core Subjects In Each Module


In the core Acting Classes of each module, you will gain a practical understanding of a range of approaches, focusing on the study of text, character improvisation, naturalism, and vocal and physical control. You will participate in exercises and games exploring the ‘tools’ for creating character, as well as instilling focus and developing imagination and play in acting. You will also engage with methods to improve observation, listening and adding truth in performance.


Through a combination of individual and ensemble exercises, these core Voice Sessions will develop secure breathing techniques and improve your posture and physical stance. You will gain an understanding of how the vocal mechanism works and how to use your voice safely to master projection, intonation and articulation. You will explore the light and shade of speech to improve the dynamics and impact, and learn to apply these techniques to different texts.

Physical Theatre

Physical Theatre techniques will help you to build a more confident approach to developing a character, and understand the use of space and the interactivity of others. Exercises and devised pieces will be used in each module from a different artistic perspective. You will work on rhythm and accuracy in movement to organic stimulus to gain insight into stage craft.

Acting Through Song

Strengthen your voice and extend your vocal range through exercises that focus on storytelling through music. You will learn to connect with lyrics, perform a simple analysis of songs, find the truth of a character’s journey, the story of the scene being described or a fresh interpretation on the theme of a song.


Screen Acting

Screen Acting workshops will help you gain insight into acting for camera and give you the opportunity to evaluate performances through review and feedback. You will learn ‘on-set’ terminology and learn key concepts, before participating in technical exercises in front of the camera. The class will improve your knowledge and understanding of the skills needed for the television and film industry and instil the confidence to communicate emotion on camera and maintain a truthful presence on screen.


Through a series of practical exercises and games you will explore the techniques of Improvisation in a fun and supportive atmosphere. It will fire up your imagination and creativity. The workshops will sharpen your communication, listening skills and develop confidence, authority and teamwork.

The Skills Developed on the Course

During the Foundation in Acting Course, you will develop in the following areas: 

  • Improve your overall confidence, as well as your confidence in rehearsal and performance
  • Learn to respond truthfully in a variety of dramatic contexts
  • Embed believability into your performances
  • Begin to listen and respond to others impulsively
  • Nurture your physical, vocal and imaginative skills
  • Have the opportunity to work creatively with others and meet like-minded acting students
  • Benefit from flexible and in-depth training, that allows you to develop the tools of an actor over 7, 14, or 21 weeks.


Free consultation

If you would like to find out more about the Foundation in Acting and whether it is the right course for you, you can book a meeting or a telephone call with our Head of Acting, Louise Fitzgerald

Louise can offer you a detailed explanation about topics covered on the course,  the acting skills you can expect to develop, and answer any questions you might have before signing up.

E-mail Louise directly to organise your free consultation: 


Sharing of Work

Following the final Saturday of the course, on the Sunday, you will participate in a studio showcase designed to share your work with an invited audience of friends and family. It is an opportunity to demonstrate the skills gained during the course, and a great chance to put the techniques you have learned into practice in a relaxed and encouraging performance setting.


What Our Students Have Said:

Courses like City Academy’s Foundation Course are invaluable for people starting out their careers in acting, and I would encourage anyone who fits into this bracket to apply.


Classes starting soon

Date 06 Oct - 18 Nov
Day Sat
Time 10:00-18:00
Duration 7 Saturdays & 1 Sunday Showcase
Tutor Acting Foundation Tutors
Venue City Academy at 38 Rosebery Ave.
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06 Oct - 18 Nov 
7 Saturdays & 1 Sunday Showcase 
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Class Foundation in Acting Course
Date 6 Oct - 18 Nov
Day Sat
Time 10:00 - 18:00
Duration 7 Saturdays & 1 Sunday Showcase
Tutor Acting Foundation Tutors
Venue City Academy at 38 Rosebery Ave.
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6 Oct - 18 Nov
10:00 - 18:00 
7 Saturdays & 1 Sunday Showcase 
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Payment Options

We have two payment options to choose from. You can pay the full amount of £995.00 or you can pay with our instalment option. There is an initial deposit of £400 followed by two further instalments of £300.

The instalment dates are:

First Saturday of the course - £300
One month after first Saturday of the course - £300 

Schedule for 2018

Spring Module - May 2018:
This course runs over seven consecutive full Saturdays with a Sunday studio showcase performance.

Saturday 12 May
Saturday 19 May
Saturday 26 May
Saturday 02 June
Saturday 09 June
Saturday 16 June
Saturday 23 June

Showcase Performance:
Sunday 24 June

Autumn Module - October 2018
This course runs over seven consecutive full Saturdays with a Sunday studio showcase performance.

Saturday 06 Oct
Saturday 13 Oct
Saturday 20 Oct
Saturday 27 Oct
Saturday 03 Nov
Saturday 10 Nov
Saturday 17 Nov

Showcase Performance:
Sunday 18 Nov

Online & Phone Bookings

Online – To book your selected class/course online, just click Book Now next to your chosen class/course.
Phone – We would be happy to take your booking over the phone, just call us on 020 7042 8833.

Cash & Cheque Payments

Cash - You are welcome to pay cash, just come and see us at our office: City Academy, 38 Rosebery Avenue, London, EC1R 4RN
Cheque - You can also pay by cheque by filling out this form (click here) and posting it to the address above.

Cancellations Policy

We offer a full refund or full credit if you cancel at least 72 hours before the start date of your booking.
We cannot offer any refund if you cancel less than 72 hours before the start date of your booking, or if you do not attend.
(For more information please see our terms and conditions)

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All City Academy tutors are experienced professionals from theatre, film/TV and performance industries. So whilst they're training you they may also be rehearsing for a West End show or working on a movie. We like that and we do believe it makes a difference in class.

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