The 'Learn' element of our business training focuses on Communication. Behind this single word lies an array of diverse skills that are indispensable in today’s world – both for organisations and for individuals.


We’ve worked in consultation with a range of business clients, smaller organisations and performing arts specialists to identify the areas where we can offer most impact - from learning how to appreciate the voice as a physical tool to the non-verbal aspects of successful communication, through to more strategic skills involved in networking and negotiating.


Voice Training: Explore the physicality of your voice
Listening and Responding: Learn to observe, process and react to others
Presence and Impact: Develop new levels of poise and confidence


Medium and Message: Get to grips with communication via different technology
Presentation: Work to convince smaller audiences of a specific idea
Public Speaking: Work to inspire larger audiences on a particular topic


Build Your Network: Learn how to work the room
Influencing: Influence and persuade within a variety of contexts
Storytelling: Develop a flair for performance and spontaneity

We have divided these into the Tools you need for effective communication, the Audience with whom you need to communicate, and the specific Objective behind your communication. Within each of these categories you have a choice of different levels to match your career level, your experience, or your personal level of confidence. 

Crossroads Combinations

We have designed the following training combinations for groups that are at 'crossroads' in their careers, be they a group of new graduates, recently promoted managers or new leaders:

Graduate Training:

Voice Training / Medium and Message / Building Your Network

Leadership Development:

Presence and Impact / Public Speaking / Influencing

Programme for Recently-Promoted:

Listening and Responding / Presentation / Storytelling

And as well as our Crossroads Combinations, we can come up with any number of different module groupings that suit the specific needs of your group, so please do contacts us for more information.