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Listening and Responding

In our increasingly noisy world, the ability to genuinely listen, processing what has been heard and responding appropriately, is a skill that cannot be underestimated. 

This module focuses on the art of active listening, demonstrating to participants that listening is a technique to be mastered as opposed to something that happens instinctively.  We’ll also look at the skills of observation, how to interpret body language and how to remove barriers and distractions to effective listening.

If your team needs to focus on listening and speaking skills, the Listening and Responding module works well in combination with our Voice Training module.  Alternatively, you could combine with our Building your Network module, which will allow your group to put their newfound listening and responding skills to the test.

Please contact us to discuss the needs of your group in more detail. 

Listening and Responding Skills Development:

Exact course content may differ depending on your needs, but topics covered will generally include:

  • Active Listening: Understand the three steps of active listening – comprehending, retaining and responding 
  • Body Language: Observe and interpret body language and inconsistencies between verbal and non-verbal language 
  • Develop Empathy: Learn how to put the speaker at ease, convey understanding and focus on the message behind the words
  • Overcome Obstacles: Remove distractions and overcome listening barriers
  • Physical Pointers: Develop physical techniques such as maintaining eye-contact and a physical stance that shows you are listening 
  • International Management: Develop the ability to understand and communicate with different nationalities and cultures within a business context.

As with all our Business Training courses, handouts, writing materials and refreshments will be provided.  To discuss your specific needs further, please contact us