New Writing Showcase

Sunday 27 October
Tower Theatre, 
16 Northwold Rd, Clapton, N16 7HR 

The City Academy Writing and Acting departments are proud to present a collaborative showcase of new writing.

Sixteen actors will perform six brand new plays exploring class, greed, family ties, generational trauma, and the end of the world as we know it.

The new writing line up includes:

Inheritance by Savanna Wicks At the start of their father’s fraud trial two siblings have to reconcile with their father’s actions and what to do with the unexpected arrival of their ill-gotten inheritance.

Loving Tommy by Nicholas Bulmer When Carrie prostitutes herself to care for her brother Tommy with special needs, loving Tommy becomes a matter of life and death.

The Bill by Niall Ransome The end of a wonderful evening turns sour as three friends grapple with a much-asked and difficult question; who gets the bill? It’s life or death. The Bill must be paid at all costs.

The Job is F*cked by Kerry Keenan-Lynch Their constant exposure to frontline trauma weighs heavily on the Police service. In an underfunded, understaffed service there is no room for weakness, which pushes Jim to question his role as a Police officer - and, ultimately, his own identity.

The Job Offer by Antonia Goddard Phil has offered Carrie a job. It’s good money, eternal revenge, and it’s quite possibly the most dangerous work she’s ever done. But Carrie’s retired, and not coming back. She’s given him his answer. He wants another.

The Three Horsemen by Paul Batterham The end is nigh. Hopefully.