Our 5 Most Popular Dance Classes

popular dance classes

From Ballet to Bollywood, our Dance Classes offer an extensive range of disciplines and styles. To help you choose, we’ve put together a list of our 5 most popular dance classes! Get insights into the benefits of each style, opinions from our students, and an overview of fun and unique classes on offer at City Academy.

1. Ballet

ballet dance classes

This timeless dance style never loses its charm. Originating in the court dances of Louis IV , ballet has grown to become one of the most iconic and recognisable dance forms. With a host of benefits, ballet can improve posture, coordination and grace, as well as athletic benefits including strength, flexibility and stamina.

Our unique selection of Ballet Classes range from beginners to intermediate, teaching core Classical Ballet techniques both on and off the barre . We also run Pointe Classes for dancers who have some previous experience  as well as Barre Fit and Flexibility Classes for stretching and high intensity cardio with grace!

Brings a joy to the experience of ballet as well as explaining technique in an understandable way for beginners
- Jan, Beginners Ballet student

2. Salsa

salsa classes

Immerse yourself in the rhythms of Latin America and experience this global dance phenomenon! This partner dance is very popular for those looking for social classes to meet and engage with lots of new people. Develop your salsa steps, master new combos and learn to dance with elegance and sensuality.

With more than ten different types of Salsa Classes, there’s something for everyone. Attend a Salsa Social, try a Salsa Course to improve technique or join our Salsa Dance Company!

3. Street Dance

street dance lessons

Originating in New York in the 70s, Street Dance has seen a resurgence in popularity over the last few years. This high energy style is an umbrella term, which incorporates Hip Hop social grooves, Breakdance foundations and other funk styles like Locking and Popping as well as the fun and expressive style called House. This is great for increasing fitness, attitude and confidence.

Whether you’re looking to try street dance for the first time, or want to perfect your craft, our Street Dance Classes offer training to an advanced level in a fun and engaging environment. Freestyle with flair and bring out your inner diva!

4. Tap

tap classes

You don’t need to be a twinkle toes to try this iconic dance style. Straight out of the silver screens of Hollywood, tap dancing is a feast of rhythm and expression and a great way fun way to increase coordination, stamina and release some happy endorphins.

Start with the basics on our Tap Dance Beginners Course or tackle more advanced choreography and performance training at Tap Dance Improvers. For Fred and Ginger wannabees, there’s our resident Tap Dance Company to take your dancing to the next level and perform on stage. If you love the idea of tapping out rhythms and improving your timing, fitness and flexibility - this one’s for you!

The teacher was fab, she gave us enough individual attention but also brought us together as a group
- Anna, Tap Beginners student

5. Flamenco

flamenco classes

With roots in Spanish culture, Flamenco is a highly-expressive and passionate dance form. Danced solo, the style is defined by intricate armography, foot/heel rhythms, hand clapping and expressive movements of the body. Flamenco is traditionally danced in tune to the toque (guitar) and cantes (flamenco songs), with vibrant and colourful outfits.

Flamenco Classes are a new addition to our programme, but a surge in popularity of this fiery and performative style has catapulted it to one of our most popular classes. Alongside our core training classes, we now offer Flamenco Singing and Flamenco Guitar for anyone looking for the complete Flamenco experience.

Beyond Our 5 Popular Dance Classes

In addition to these amazing 5 popular dance classes, we run a range of additional dance courses including Belly Dancing, Bollywood, Jazz, Swing, Ballroom and Burlesque. To view the full list see here »