7 Acting Tips for Beginners

7 acting tips for beginners
acting tips for beginners

phoebe sparrow - acting coach

Here are our 7 acting tips for beginners for all actors at the start of their acting journey. Professional actor and City Academy tutor Phoebe Sparrow shared her 7 acting tips for beginners - from putting yourself out there to listening to your fellow actors.

1. Get ready to have fun and don’t be scared to look a bit silly

Be brave! Acting is all about taking risks, letting your guard down and doing things you wouldn’t normally do. There are no rights or wrongs with acting, it’s not like a maths class. You might be rolling around playing a gorilla one minute and performing a dramatic scene the next, so be open to whatever is thrown at you.

2. People-watch!

Observe the people around you and look at how they behave. Great places to do this are: the tube, cafe’s, or sitting on a park bench. My students often say that they think something their character does in a scene is ‘too extreme’ or ‘real people don’t talk like that’; but as soon as you really start observing real people you realise that the saying ‘Truth is Stranger than Fiction’ is really true!

3. Learn your lines

It can be a boring task but you need to learn your lines back to front and inside out if you want to do a good performance! Once you’ve learnt your lines you can relax and enjoy the scene you’re in and the character you’re playing. There are also lots of fun exercises to help make learning lines a bit easier.

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4. Find out as much as you can about your character

Go through your script and write down every fact that’s written about them. Where do they live? What is there job? What’s their favourite food? Start to build up an image of their whole world, your character is a real person with a whole life.

5. Spend as much time listening as you do talking

When you’re performing a scene you should never switch off, you should always be present and listening to your fellow actors when you aren’t talking. Acting is as much about listening as it is about saying your own lines. It’s a team sport!

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6. Go and watch as much theatre, TV and film as you can

No 6 acting tip for beginners...It doesn’t matter if it’s a play at your local theatre or a West-End show. Watch actors. What performances do you love? What makes them brilliant? What are the actors doing?

7. Final acting tips for beginners... enjoy yourself!

Acting is about playing and giving yourself the freedom to explore new characters and other worlds. So have fun; your work will be better for it!