A Stand Up Wedding

Matt and Jen running together!

Congratulations to Jen and Matt, who will be tying the knot this Saturday after meeting on our Stand Up Comedy Beginners course 3 and a half years ago!

We caught up with them before the big day to see how things are shaping up, what life has been like since they met on the course, and whether Matt has got any tricks up his sleeve from his old stand up routine for the groom’s speech!


Could you tell us about how you first met?

Matt:  We were both signed up to the Comedy Taster session.  We started talking in the class about doing the full course and said we were both interested.  I got home no idea if Jen was doing it, but thought I’d sign up and hope for the best.
Jen:  I thought I was going to be late for the class, so came running into the room all out of breath, I sat down quickly and then looked around.  When I looked around I saw Matt and thought ‘I wish I was sitting next to him!

Why did you sign up to our Stand Up Comedy Beginners course?

Matt:  I signed up because I was single at the time and had spare time in my evenings. Also Stand Up Comedy was always something I wanted to try, and thought: ‘no time like the present!
Jen:  I wanted to boost my confidence in presenting to people.


Matt and Jen on holiday together in Sydney, Australia.

What was the course like?

Matt:  The course was brilliant, the Tutor was really helpful and really made it easy to write jokes and give a great delivery.  By the time we came to do the live showcase I wasn’t nervous and was confident I had a strong routine.
Jen:  The course was great, everyone had their own style of comedy.  There was only 10 of us too, so we all got to know each other and support each other.

Did you find each other funny?

Matt:  No, I can see why she took the course!
Jen:  Yes I did, I thought he was really quick witted.

Do your future in-laws find you funny?

Matt:  They never saw my routine, which is probably for the best.  But I get on well with them, which is great.
Jen:  I’m not sure: I was very shy meeting them, I know we are able to have a good laugh with (at) each other now.

So, tell us about the proposal!

Matt:  Jen had to go out to Australia for work, and I thought that was the perfect opportunity…for a free holiday!  Oh and why I was there I thought I would ask her to marry me.  We went on a trip up the Blue Mountains: the weather was so bad we couldn’t see 5 foot in front of our faces, but I was assured there were mountains around us.
Jen:  Matt proposed to me at the Blue Mountains in Sydney, it wasn’t as picturesque as you are thinking though: it was raining, but it was still perfect, Matt managed to find a spot just me and him.  I was working in Sydney for a month and Matt came to join me and surprised me with the proposal.


Matt and Jen away together in Iceland.

Are you working any of your stand up technique into your groom’s speech, Matt?

Matt:  Yes, I feel sorry for my best man that has to follow me.  I have used some of the great techniques I learnt on the course, and am prepared that for the rest of the evening people will be telling me that its the best Groom’s speech they have ever heard.

Do you still do comedy in your spare time?

Matt:  No, it was a tick in the box.  Since then we have gone on to take on Platform Diving, Curling and Velodrome Cycling, during which Jen broke my arm, but that’s another story!
Jen:  No, but I definitely remember the techniques I was taught to help me in other ways in life!

Some would say love is found in the funniest of places..

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