Best Dance Classes to Get Fit


Dance burns more calories than running as our research has shown. Find the perfect dance class for you with our handy guide to which dance classes are best for each area of fitness. 

All of our classes are fun and friendly so you will be able to work on your fitness with like-minded people in a supportive environment.

Core Strength

All dance classes will improve core strength as this is relied upon to be able to balance, transfer weight, and execute controlled movements. The best classes to strengthen your core are Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz and Street.

Ballet, contemporary and jazz are all about holding your core. You will do kicks and turns which require a strong core in order to control the movement. Street dance consists of lots of quick, small movements. This requires good core strength to hit every beat.



Our Flexibility classes are designed to increase your range of movement by teaching you how to stretch and relax your muscles. Ballet and Contemporary will also aid flexibility due to limbering up your muscles in the warm up. Each class will help you practice a wider range of movement in a safe environment. Practice is key to improving your flexibility.


Toned Legs, Bums and Tums

Looking to specifically target your legs, bum and stomach? Belly Dance, Ballet and Barre Fit are great for these areas. Be prepared to sweat in Barre Fit! If you would rather work these areas in a more graceful way, choose from ballet or belly dance.


Physical Strength

Barre Fit and Street dance classes are excellent for increasing physical strength. Barre fit consists of repetitive, balletic style exercises which work legs, arms and your core. Don’t let the name fool you, this is a real workout! Street dance will also help with strength due to the speed and control of the movements. Some styles of street are achieved by tensing and releasing your muscles, helping to tone.

Stamina and Endurance

Street, Diva, Swing and Bollywood dance styles are excellent classes to improve stamina and physical endurance. These routines are fast paced and full of energetic choreography, helping to increase stamina and energy levels.

Isolation of Body Movements

Want to learn how to isolate different parts of your body? You'll work your whole body with Street dance from ribs, hips and shoulders to create body ripples, as well as hands, wrists and arms to waack, pop and lock. Flamenco and Bollywood focus on intricate hand movements within their routines. Burlesque, Diva, and Salsa help to improve hip flexibility. Belly dance works on isolating your stomach, chest and hips.


Recommended Classes for Fitness:

Core strength - Ballet
Flexibility - Contemporary and Flexibility
Toning legs, bums and tums - Barre Fit
Physical strength - Street Dance
Stamina and endurance - Diva Dance and Street Dance
Body isolations - Belly Dance

Prefer fitness based workouts? Our Fitness dance classes are more focused on an overall workout with a hint of dance!