Best Dance Tutorial Videos

best dance tutorial videos

As you know, we love a good dance tutorial video, so here is our list of the best dance tutorial videos on YouTube to watch to learn technique, the latest music video choreography, and some old classics!

We have grouped into three categories depending if you prefer to learn full routines, some quick dance moves to impress, or technique and specific steps.

Best Dance Tutorial for Breakdowns of Moves and Tricks

1. Mihran Kirakosian - hip hop steps and routines as well as the odd latin ballroom dance step!

Mihran breaks down hip hop steps into easy movements. He starts by showing the full step and then clearly explains and shows how to achieve each move. He also gives tips and dos and don’t along the way.

Ideal for anyone completely new to hip hop or street dance and wants some introductory videos.

He also creates full length dance routine tutorial videos in his hip hop/ street style including Michael Jackson routines. These are great for more advanced dancers who want to be challenged. These videos are around an hour long so great if you want a class style feel.

Also keep an eye out for his ballroom dance tutorial videos. This guy is multi talented!

2. City Academy - diva and street moves

Guest tutors break down street and diva style moves into easy steps you can learn at home. From iconic Beyonce dance moves to hip hop floor tricks. These are fun steps you can whip out on the dance floor or use to supplement your dance classes.

Short videos you can learn quickly, perfect for beginners and more advanced dancers.

Best Dance Tutorial for Learning Full Routines

3. Mandy Jiroux - diva and commercial styles

One of the coolest dance troupes in our list, Mandy and her fellow dancers start by showing you parts of the music video to show you what you will look like, or aim to look like! She then breaks down each section with clear movement and instructions.

Her videos are easy to watch due to learning small sections at a time, and she intersperses the official music video in between her tutorial.

Fun routines and great for all levels of dancer!

4. BeBox - Show me the Moves - commercial music video routines

Really fun videos done in a television show style, very engaging and easy to watch. Ezinne breaks down popular music videos into easy to learn choreography for all levels of dancer.

From popular music videos from artists like Sia, Little Mix and Arianna Grande, to movie classic routines including Jingle Bell Rock from Mean Girls! Great one to do with friends! Plus she always dresses in the style of the music video which we think is pretty cool.

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5. Andrew Heart - more advanced dancers in hip hop and street

His videos go quite quickly through the choreography but the finished result is worth it! Just may need to pause and replay a few times. He also teaches with the mirror which makes it more easy to pick up.

He will do a full video of teaching the choreography and then a full video of dancing the learnt routine. These are great if you want to be pushed with challenging routines in between taking dance classes.

Best Dance Tutorial for Learning Technique and Steps

6. Tahlia Morgan - basic tap steps and time steps

Tahlia has a wealth of short tap dance videos from introductory steps to more advanced time steps. She breaks down into individual steps so great if you have never tapped before, or want to brush up on steps before class.

Each video includes a full length version and close up of her feet. Her instructions are clear and she explains any technical terms so great even for first time tappers!

7. Natalie Danza Ballet - ballet dance routines and steps

Natalie breaks down ballet routines and steps, offering versions for beginners to more advanced dancers. Great for those who have done some ballet classes and want to learn extra steps and increase technique. These videos are great to supplement ballet classes.

Her routines based on classic ballets such as dance of the black and white swan from Swan Lake are great for more advanced ballet dancers wanting to learn choreography.

8. - jazz dance technique and some hip hop moves

This channel has a range of videos which cover any ‘How To’ so be prepared to get lost in a maze of 'How Tos'!

However their range of dance videos which cover jazz dance technique, dance moves for the club, and some hip hop/break dancing videos are very clear and to the point. Taught by industry professionals.

They even have some more advanced videos so great for all levels of dancer.

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