Christmas Movie Classics: Becoming Santa

This one’s a bit different because it’s a documentary – one of the best genres of Christmas movie out there we reckon. All 1 hour and 37 minutes of Becoming Santa by Jeff Myers have done the rounds of the Canadian festival circuit, come and gone from Netflix, and are now out there on for all to see. We definitely recommend doing that.

A 2011 production, it stars Jack Sanderson who, after the passing of his father, no longer looks forward to the festive season. He realises that either he logs out life and misses what has made it to the charts as the most wonderful time of the year (and is pretty much an unavoidable commercial black hole) or he immerses himself in Christmas cheer till he loves it again. And so, we follow Jack on his emotional journey – from regular fella to a fully bleached and fuzzy bearded Father Christmas who is learning to sleigh* at Santa School. We then see him work as a sidewalk Santa, collecting kid’s wishes, doing home visits, bringing cheer to the Polar Express, and generally rediscovering the beauty of the homely gift giver and the spirit of the season. Check out the trailer here:

Happy holidays!

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