Dear all,

This message has been prompted by the dramatic impact that the virus has had on all of us who are or have been associated with City Academy.

The physical and mental wellbeing of all our students and staff is of the greatest importance and we have made the decision to postpone all courses with immediate effect.

No classes or courses will be taking place until at least the 30th April 2020. This applies to all ongoing, as well as new courses with a start date that falls within these dates.

Our Student Services team have been working tirelessly to help alleviate the added stresses caused by the unknowns surrounding bookings. Please do bear with us as we try and address each concern and give all of you some assurance at this otherwise uncertain time.

One thing we have all realised, as we tackle this ongoing crisis is just how far reaching our wonderful community of students is. The genuine and heartfelt concern for each other and our staff as we try to protect those more vulnerable than ourselves has been overwhelming.

At the very core of City Academy is our talented students and wonderful tutors. We recognise that in this unstable time you may feel like these relationships are becoming fractured and we are working hard to make sure you all have a solid foundation to return to when things are more certain.

We ask for your support during this extremely difficult time. Organisations in the Arts, just as in many other sectors, have been hit by an unprecedented number of challenges. We reacted as quickly as possible to the threat of the virus and started contingency planning in early February. However, no amount of advanced planning could insulate us from the enormity of the impact of the last few weeks (and weeks to come).


  • If your course is currently in progress our team will be in touch to issue you with credit to the full value of your course. We will also be adding 20% as our way of saying thanks for letting us know you’ll be back in the City Academy community soon.
  • If your course was interrupted and you have been considering a refund for the remainder of sessions please know that we are also extending our offer of an extra 20% credit to these bookings. This act of transferring your course fees to a credit code would be extremely helpful at this time as we work towards rescheduling your course. Again, a member of our team will be in touch with more details.
  • For anyone who would like to make a new booking, to give you total confidence we are recommending purchasing vouchers - we have extended validity to 18 months - so you can now plan ahead with full peace of mind. In addition, we are offering 20% off all vouchers, just use the code TAKETIME online or over the phone.

It is worth noting that all course credit is now valid for up to 18 months - so plenty of time to spend.

  • Alternatively please feel free to book dates from May - if anything changes we will be very happy to transfer you to alternative dates you can make.

We cannot wait for a return to ‘business as usual’ and we will have more energy and enthusiasm than ever before. In the meantime, stay safe and remember. “The show must go on!”

All our very best to everyone,

The team at City Academy