Debut Theatre Company Presents: Astronauts

City Academy's Debut Theatre Company present 'Astronauts', their November 2018 Showcase at the Courtyard Theatre in London.

One of four City Academy Theatre Companies, Debut is a performance led company run by professional director Eleanor Henderson. As part of City Academy's Justice Season, our Debut Theatre Company performed an adaptation of Alice Birch's 'Astronauts'; a lyrical, moving and funny look at the housing crisis. View the highlights as they tell the stories of people's search for connection in an increasingly anonymous and unfair world.

View the highlights of 'Astronauts' above, or head to our website to find out about City Academy Theatre Companies


Andy Lau

Anup Mehta

Cristina Vela

Ellie Dobbie

Esther Valdezate Morjton

Katrina Smith-Jackson

Krzysztof Czajka

Maya Romic

Nolwenn Klersch

Sam Ramy


Tamzin Black

Valentina De Muro

Debut Theatre Company

Debut Theatre Company are one of London's most exciting theatre collectives, rehearsing weekly towards regular theatre performances at top London venues.

The Debut Theatre Company is suitable for those new to acting and those with a little experience of acting or drama classes. To find out more about Debut, click here