Singing Warm-up: How to stretch

singing warm up exercises

Singing is a whole body experience, so it is important to relieve physical stress and start in the right way with a few relaxation exercises before singing. Follow our 5 step singing warm-up routine below:

1. Neck Stretch

Look as far left as you can, then right. Repeat facing your chin downwards and upwards.

2. Shoulder Roll

Rotate your shoulders forwards, and then backwards. Then squeeze them upwards, and release.

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3. Yawning

Flex and relax the muscles around your mouth and cheekbones.

4. Tongue Roll

Place your tongue between your front teeth and lips. Rotate clockwise around your mouth, and then anticlockwise. Repeat x 10, x 6 and x 4. Then try to touch your chin with the tip of your tongue.

5. Full Body Stretch

Hold for 10 seconds each:

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