Inside Ballet: Susan Rimmer

Susan at her ballet class with City Academy

Susan at her ballet class with City Academy

Having graduated with a maths and statistics degree, I now work in a fairly high pressured job in the insurance industry, so I love to use my passion for dance to give myself some freedom from everyday life. 

I’ve been dancing since I was 10, doing ballet, tap, jazz and freestyle, and since then I can barely go a week without taking a class! For me, dancing is an expression of my creativity and a release from daily life.

Performing ballet involves having control over every single part of your body and is a beautiful art which, when performed well, seems effortless. I chose ballet because I relish the ability to grow stronger and achieve the ‘effortless’ look all ballerinas have.

Even though the ballet company is very new, it seems like we’re all one big family already; looking out for one another and working as a team. Our social events are a hit too! We’ve been heading out for drinks together whenever we can.

We just did our first performance as a company this Christmas, so it was very exciting to be part of the debut. I loved when we got our costumes through and danced in them for the first time – they looked fantastic and I couldn’t wait to show them off on stage in what was a magical evening revolving around everyone’s most-loved fairy tales.

As a group, we depicted the Evil Queen from Snow White, in particular the part where she says the famous line ‘Mirror mirror on the wall…’ and is furious to find that Snow White is still the fairest of them all. It was great to be able to let my fierce side out!

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