Inside Ballroom: Kiran Premnath

city academy student, kiran premnath, dancing ballroom

Kiran Premnath (pictured right) dancing ballroom at City Academy

“I’m a daytime auditor and a night time dancer! Dance reminds me I’m human and free of superficial material things. It allows me to be completely myself and get lost in my own world.

Ballroom dancing requires a lot of technique work (because it actually covers eight different styles), which once mastered is a very elegant scene to watch. That variety keeps me going, and I’ve managed to develop my skills and work on my frame to make it move more gracefully.

The amount of laughter and joy we have on and off stage – it’s always unexpected and never ending. An absolute spontaneous experience! The company teachers are extremely talented, patient and humble – always willing to bestow important lessons without expecting anything but dedication.

I have been taught by several teachers and am thankful for their inspiration and patience in infusing dance into my soul. They have thought me that a dancer’s development is a journey and not a race. That’s what truly makes it an art form.”

Whatever level you’re at, if you’re interested in ballroom dancing, check out our classes here.