Inside Contemporary Dance: Ellie Collinge

Ellie centre stage for City Academy's Contemporary Company

Ellie centre stage for City Academy’s Contemporary Dance Company

Despite being in the dance studio every day as part of my job, taking part in the Contemporary Dance Company at City Academy really gives me that me time to be selfish and just dance for myself.

I remember my first class and how much I enjoyed changing roles and becoming the student. It reminded me why I initially fell in love with dance and gives me a huge sense of personal fulfilment and release.

I had forgotten how much I enjoy being on stage – the excitement in the dressing rooms, the rush of adrenaline waiting in the wings, and the energy on stage when the lights come on and the curtains come up.

Mel is such an inspiring teacher and really challenges us to push ourselves, often performing very demanding repertoire. I feel like I’m constantly learning. It’s brilliant to work with her – she is not only an incredible teacher, performer and choreographer, but also a friend. She makes the classes so enjoyable but with a real air of professionalism.

We have a lot of fun! Being a member of the Company is not all technique, technique, technique – there’s a great social aspect to it too – dancers let their hair down from their buns as well! It’s so important to give yourself time for something that you enjoy especially in a city like London, where you can often forget and fall victim to an overbearing work life.

I’ve built an incredible group of friends from Contemporary, and it is such an exciting style – it’s constantly reinventing itself and you can explore so much within it by pushing the boundaries – the vocabulary of movements is almost endless.

I love that it is becoming so popular now with venues like Sadler’s Wells, introducing audiences to new companies, many of whom are blending Contemporary with other styles in the most innovative of ways.

Our Contemporary Dance Company is accepting new members in January. To be part of the fun, see more here >>>

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