Student Gallery: Sébastien Marchand

© Sébastien Marchand

We catch up with talented young photography student Sébastien Marchand, whose impressive portraiture and fashion photography has been making waves on both sides of the channel.

Sébastien took several of our photography classes to brush up his portrait and street photography skills, and his work has come on leaps and bounds over the last few years, leading to national recognition as one of the most exciting young photographers in France. 

Hi, Sébastien. How long have you been interested in photography and what made you start taking photographs?

I've been interested in photography since I was 16. I first picked up a camera thanks to a friend, and I immediately loved it!

I remember that I asked for a camera next Christmas. My parents were so happy that I'd found something I was truly passionate about.


© Sébastien Marchand

What classes did you take with us and how did they help you?

I took courses in Portrait Photography, Night Photography and Street Photography.

I was spotted to exhibit at the Salon de la Photo in Paris

What helped me the most were the portrait and night photography classes. Zarina, the teacher, was so attentive and helped me tremendously. Thanks to City Academy I was also able to exhibited some of my pictures taken in London at Brick Lane!


© Sébastien Marchand

Tell us a bit about your recent work

At the moment I work on fashion for events and for magazines in my area. I also do work for restaurants and hotels, which is great as it allows me to develop my portfolio of interior design work.

I've also recently been working on a series of portraits, which I'll be exhibiting in 2017 in France!



© Sébastien Marchan

Where do you find inspiration for your portraiture?

I find inspiration for my work in lots of different ways, whether that's in songsor films.

I ask my subjects  about their lives, their feelings and their emotions

When it comes to portraits, I ask my subjects about their lives, their feelings and their emotions to help me find inspiration.

What would be your tips to someone starting out in photography?

The main thing is always to be motivated and believe in yourself.

You have to give a part of yourself in each photograph you take - this is what really affects people!




© Sébastien Marchan

Tell us about the awards you've won

In 2013 I was voted best young photographer in France. I also won an award at Cannes, where I exhibited a series of 8 photos in the port of Cannes.

I was then spotted by Canon to exhibit at the Salon de la Photo in Paris.

I've also won several competitions in partnership with brands and the music label: Universal Music. It is always a surprise and a pride for my family!

Which photographers do you admire?

I love so many young photographers that I follow on Instagram! Lots of people out there are very talented and it's so beautiful to see!

But if we're talking about my idols... Mario Testino and Sally Mann.


I'd love to exhibit some photos in London in 2017...I'm preparing an artistic series at the moment!

What would be your dream photography  project?

I have a unique project in mind, that I have to keep secret for now, sorry! But I'd love to exhibit some photos in London in 2017, and I'm preparing an artistic series for this at the moment! And of course, my biggest dream is to become a great fashion photographer. Who doesn't!?