Summer Of Love Dance Show

City Academy Dance Companies present: Summer of Love

Introducing the gallery highlights from 'Summer of Love' - the summer dance show presented by seven of City Academy's Dance Companies.

Celebrating Summer, Art, Music, Counterculture and Love, seven of our Dance companies came together to recapture not just a season, or a year, but a decade of change. From Ballet to Bollywood, the performance showcased the best of City Academy's Dance Companies at the prestigious Stratford Circus in London. 

Relive the Summer of Love concert with our gallery (above), or learn more about City Academy Dance Companies below.


Tap Company - Island of Love

With a recoupling on the horizon, who will take a trip to The Hideaway and who will be booted off The Island? This piece is a time travelling fusion about the hunt for love. 

Ballet Company - A Midsummer Nights Dream 

A Midsummer Nights Dream is the ultimate summer of love story. The Ballet Company bring Shakespeare's classic to life. 

Slay! Company - Sapphic Trip

Slay! Diva Dance Company follow one woman's journey into a psychedelic trance that unlocks her deepest hidden desires. 

Bollywood Company - INSTANT(ly)

In a world of swiping Left and Right, love is done so "INSTANT(ly)". This piece explores the concept of instant Love in India. 

Jazz Company - Fever

Symbolising the journey of a relationship, from the slow ebb of the current gathering speed over the rocks, culminating in a powerful waterfal. This dance follows the river. 


Jazz Company - Fever

A piece dedicated to the feverish heat of falling in love.

Contemporary Company - Amar

Amar means 'immortal' in Sanskrit, 'to answer' in Hebrew, in many other languages 'love', and when distored 'a war'. This piece is a homage to the frustratrations and complex emotions at work amidst the protests in the Summer of Love. 

Diva Dance Company - 52

Since the Summer of Love, there has been over 76 major wars, and people are still fighting for equality. Will we ever learn? Have things really changed?

Tap Company - Beach, Please!

With the temperature rising and the days getting longer, where better the spend the day than catching some rays. It's time to hit the beach, please!


A note from our Head of Dance Clara Stone:

"As we look back over 50 years ago to a time of revolution, discovery, love and war, we see how much and how little has changed. Our Dance Companies mirror such hunger and curiosity. Each week they come together to learn, share and to become better dancers. We see the culmination of their effort in a show like no other, that travels from Vietnam to India with some English countryside in between. We thank all their dancers and directors who guide them, for their passion, dedication and creativity."

City Academy Dance Companies

As part of our Dance Department, City Academy Dance Companies are some of the most exciting dance ensembles in London, and welcome dancers to join them throughout the year. These groups are perfect if you want to take your dancing to the next level, with performance opportunities at London's top venues and events throughout the year.

Photography by Nina Photography @ninaphotography1