In Good Company: Our Thursday Theatre Group

Our Theatre Companies give our acting students the chance to put their technique through its paces, and hone their performance skills in front of live audiences.

We caught up with some members of our Thursday Theatre Company on the night of their latest showcase, to find out what they love about being the Theatre Company: whether that's discovering a place to have fun and explore their playful side after-work on a Thursday night, to meeting like-minded performers who share their buzz of being on stage.


" I used to act when I was kid and throughout my time at uni. When I finished university I had a bit of a break because work got in the way, and I’m now picking it up again it which has been a really great experience. It’s definitely been different second time around, when you are a bit older you feel more confident.

I enjoy how acting allows you to instantly switch your brain from your work and think in a different way. I’m a solicitor, and it's really nice how on Thursday evening I can play silly games, run lines with people and do something totally different. It also makes you more aware of yourself and develops improvisation and communication skills, which are useful for work too.

You have to trust the people you are performing with, so the social side of being in the company is important as that’s where barriers break down. The group have a regular pub outing after rehearsals

Jack is hugely enthusiastic director. He's brilliant at recognising our strengths and at giving direction without making you feeling like you were doing something wrong. He also lets you work freely, letting you focus on what do you want do and then shaping that.

I enjoy the performance element of being in the theatre company: it’s great to have that showcase to build up to. Classes are fun too, but it’s different when you have that goal and the adrenaline that comes with it - you can’t beat that."


"I started acting the January before last. I attended a one-day workshop with Jack and I really enjoyed it. After that I was hooked and looking for something with a performance at the end of it, and the Thursday Theatre Company was the perfect fit.

I do really enjoy the performance side of acting. It’s really cool to hang out with like-minded people too, but I get a real buzz out of being on stage at the end of it.

The benefits of acting are massive. For a lot of people, you can really see them coming out of their shell week-to-week. The big thing for me is that responsiveness of being able to switch and suddenly find yourself in the middle of a new situation.

I give presentations quite regularly in my work as a software developer, and previously I scripted everything in my head beforehand. Now I can just improv and feel much more relaxed.

Jack is an amazing company director. I really enjoy the work itself, but I keep coming back because he’s so much fun to work with. He’s laid back and introduces things in a relaxed and enjoyable way, which is what it's all about."


"It was quite hard to find a good theatre performance group in central London, but I found the Thursday Theatre Company in January this year, and am about to take part in my second show.

The showcase is a real highlight for me as it gives purpose to the techniques you learn. It means that friends can come watch you too, which is a lot of fun and a nice thing to be able to share with them.

Jack is so enthusiastic, he somehow just pulls these shows together. Suddenly we’re all cast, and have a script. I love the way he teaches: even when it’s getting to crunch time he always makes it a fun experience.

Acting is such a great confidence boost: I feel it helps you in every aspect of your life. Whether that's feeling more confident, or getting used to public speaking: if you can stand up and do this in front of 40 people, it’s pretty easy if you have to do it at work!"

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